Houseboat Design

Boston Houseboat with elements of a Modern Industrial Style

This 66’ long houseboat was completely gutted and redesigned by Donna Terry. With a clever use of materials, it looks more like a South Boston condo that floats. The new plan allowed for a laundry area, comfortably sized bathroom, and generous kitchen. Industrial inspired lighting fixtures, filament lighting, and 4 ½” old growth hardwood planks that resemble reclaimed flooring, give the overall design a modern industrial feel.

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If you thought houseboats typically look like Recreational Vehicles, think again…

The materials used in a year-round floating residence need to withstand not just the elements of moisture but also movement due to the sway and swell of waves that come its way. In this houseboat, wall board is made from magnesium and the hard maple flooring is rated at 1450 pounds-force for a superior measure of hardness.