A Fireplace  the time to set a style

        Fireplaces are often the focal point of a room. They can define the style of a room as well as an entire home. If you are designing a fireplace in a new home or if you are renovating an existing space there are many design elements to consider. One needs to select the surface material surrounding the firebox, its color, texture, and finish. The style of the breast plate, mantle legs and shelf can be uniquely designed or in some instances even eliminated to alter the look of the fireplace wall as an entity. Either way we design and redesign fireplaces that reflect the character of the space.

The original marble surround and mantle were removed and we designed a tile surround using tiles made in the Arts and Crafts tradition with a frieze of decorative relief tiles along the breast plate. True to the style of many Arts and Crafts homes we angled the tiled areas adjacent to the firebox which allowed a sufficient projection to built the cherry cabinets. Cultured ledge stone covers the wall above.

This loft fireplace originally consited of a brick façade. In this case we needed to keep the firebox intact. We veneered the brick surface using porcelain and glass mosaic tile and added a boxed-out mantle shelf finished in metallic grey to give the fireplace a contemporary vibe.