Client Reviews

“We have been clients of Donna Terry for many years. We were introduced through friends whose home we had admired, and she had been their interior designer and decorator. Initially we thought we were looking to update our home with some new draperies and paint.

We weren’t sure where to begin. During our initial meetings with Donna we discussed our expectations for our home. We were unhappy with the location of the downstairs bathroom and in the kitchen, there was not enough room to comfortably accommodate family and guests around the kitchen table. Donna was able to draw up plans with different options to resolve our concerns. She wanted to make sure we were happy with the space before we made the investment of decorating our home.

Ultimately, we chose to move the entire bathroom and add a new side entrance with a hall and new bath as a separate part of the house. This allowed more room in the kitchen and allowed a better flow. We were able to remodel half of the kitchen without doing an entire kitchen renovation. In the kitchen, Donna Terry designed new inlay floors and created a separate breakfast area with custom cabinets accented with beautiful lighting and stonework that is unique to our home. In addition, she developed the idea to raise the ceiling in the new side entrance and designed and had fabricated beautiful custom railings which has given it an impressive new look. We have a new large elegant downstairs bathroom with custom stained glass and beautiful marble inlays in the shower and floor.

On another occasion we worked with Donna to renovate our family room with a new limestone fireplace and built-in cabinets as well as the dining room where we renovated another fireplace as a part of the interior decoration. Lastly, we redecorated our living room and gave it a completely new look. It originally functioned as a one purpose sitting room. Now, what we love about the room is that it works as a personal office space, a TV room, and is a space elegant enough to entertain.

Throughout our time working with Donna we have appreciated her work ethic and attention to detail. She brings her heart to your home as if she were going to live there herself. She listens to the needs of her clients and finds solutions to their dilemmas. She introduces you to unique, quality products that withstand the test of time and make for a peaceful living space. Our home is a much more enjoyable place, in large part thanks to the advice and expertise of Donna Terry.”

-Denise and John D., Private Residence, MA

“I worked with Donna to design and implement a new “feel” for my home. I wanted to convey a sense or warmth and welcoming in my very white/cold interior home. Donna was able to interpret my emotions and requests into a very concrete and precise vision.

My work was custom, which I expected, but never vocalized. Through open discussions and patience, I felt Donna listened and was able to express in concrete design exactly what I had only imagined.

Donna’s demeanor and expertise was exactly the mix needed to handle design, construction and to work within boundaries as they related to ‘project scope” and finances.

Donna’s creative vision was solid, beautifully rendered and always right on the mark! Her attention to detail and the resources utilized, produced a home for me that is precisely my style! My husband and I have enjoyed our home tremendously and are so proud to have company walk through our doors. I highly recommend Donna Terry and her company and am delighted, to this day, in the timeless pieces and overall process that Donna brought into my home.”

-Elaine M., Private Residence, MA

“We feel very fortunate to have hired Donna Terry of Boston Design and Interiors, Inc. She created a uniqueness and freshness that has transformed our home, our environment and hence our life. We worked with her through several renovations including the build-out of a new kitchen and three-tier deck as well as a sizeable addition. We are thrilled with the results. We live in a transitional home and wanted to “bring the outdoors inside”. Donna’s work remained in alignment with the original intent of the builder while expanding on the 1960’s home designed by a well-known American architect.

Donna has an artistic eye and puts every bit of emotion into her design. Always making sure her vision matches your vision. Her creativity and artistic ability allows her the insight to design unique pieces for your every need. Perhaps you need a unique light fixture, a unique piece of furniture, or a creative way to put a television in the living room and the only place to install it is on a free-standing fireplace wall. She will find a way to accomplish this and she will do this with complete attention to design and detail. Always design and detail. She designed many things for our home and introduced us to beautiful earthy materials and furnishings. This creativity has helped us create a warm, healing environment within our home. We live each day in a well-tailored but creative space. Everything including the kitchen floor inlays with trailing leaves, a custom banquette, the crushed glass tiles on the recreated fireplace wall, wrought iron banisters, the specialized wall color selections, and the unique window treatments all add up to a gentle, creative and healing environment.

We appreciate the artistic talent, work ethic, and sincerity that Donna brought to the entire process. Her devotion to the “art” of design and her ability to create an environment that makes you feel good is evident each and every day we view our surroundings. It is like being enveloped in a sense of peace as everything fits together. This is perhaps the best way to describe how an environment can heal. We are very grateful to Donna for the opportunity to have worked with her and now enjoy our home immensely.

We highly recommend Donna as an interior designer for your home. If you are looking for a kind capable person with an artistic eye Donna is the designer for you. She will gently uncover your creativity and will transform your living space for years of future enjoyment. ”

-Marianne and Michael S., Private Residence, MA

“Larry and I were so happy that we selected Donna Terry as our interior designer for the new addition to our home. The area that is very “special’ to us is our Equestrian Theme office space. Donna made many visits to our location where she would discuss our needs, our lifestyle and asked many questions about us personally and how we arrived at building this addition and making it into office space. We had no idea that all these friendly “discussions” were sparking fabulous ideas on how she could customize this space into something that was not just functional, but, that reflected our personalities and the life and business that we had built together at Chrislar Farm.

We turned the whole project over to Donna who provided us with a “reveal” upon our return from our Grand National & World Championship Morgan Horse Show. To say this area was way more than we could have ever imagined is an understatement; but it was exactly what Donna Terry envisioned. The Equestrian Theme throughout the office area, includes important and sentimental artwork, our “Stable of Stars” theme incorporated into our window treatments, file drawer pulls and custom carpeting. From floor to ceiling, Donna transformed office space into a place where we love to work. The custom carpets are just OUT OF THIS WORLD with horse shoe and star designs created by Donna. The furniture is not only functional, but it is majestic and ads that special touch to the entire space.

Larry and I are totally in love with the space that Donna so graciously gave to us; one that we emotionally connect with and that we will treasure forever!”

-Chris & Larry C. Chrislar Farms, North Shore, MA