About our Interior Styles


Interior Styles

…tell us much more than meet the eye. They tell us something about who we are and what is happening now as well as what was happening during a particular period of time. Interior styles are influenced by all kinds of things –political thinking of the time, technological advances, available materials, cultural mores, historical events, and even profound philosophical thinking. The design elements we select for an interior scheme –the pattern and design on the fabrics and carpets, the type of lighting fixtures, the shape of the arms on furniture, the design of exposed wooden frames, and architectural flourishes are some of the identifying marks of a particular style.


        The type of materials used in the design can be indicative of a period as well. While Carrera marble is used today just as it has been for many centuries, other materials like formica -which appeared as a surfacing material in the 1920’s and covered so many of the kitchens and bathrooms during the suburban boom of the 1950’s- have once again been replaced in favor of some of the older classic materials or newer ones available today.


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